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Have you ever stopped to consider just how many different businesses there are in your local town or city? If you take the time to look, you will notice that there are businesses of every kind, from little businesses which serve a few local customers to medium-sized companies which cater to the tourist and large multinationals who are trading on a global scale. However, the one thing each of these businesses will have in common is the fact that they are managed by someone who has a creative spark and a business brain. I'm not a businesswoman, but I have spent the last 7 months visiting various companies in my city so I could understand what made them successful and what made them fail. I have learnt from the best, so I hope you like my blog.



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Signs Your Excavator's Final Drive Needs Repair

Do you own or operate an excavator? Like with all heavy earthmoving equipment, your excavator may develop a few faulty issues down the line. Being able to tell when your excavator needs repairs is always crucial. That's because ignoring faulty issues will often result in costlier repairs, as this gives time for the problem to become even more severe. Excavator problems can also cause downtime that will cost you money as well.

While many components in your excavator may become faulty, the final drive is worth paying more attention to. That's because it provides the necessary power required to turn trucks and get your excavator moving. Therefore, it's more likely to break down because it's constantly operating. Here are the signs that your final drive is faulty and needs repair.


Excessive heat is one of the top tell-tale signs of a final drive that needs repair. You will notice overheating if your gearbox feels hot to the touch. In some cases, it will steam when in contact with water, so be keen to identify that. Worn or damaged bearings tend to be the primary culprits behind an overheated final drive. However, it's worth noting that other issues can result in overheating. You could be running low on gear oil, your brakes may be faulty, preventing your final drive from functioning correctly, or your hydraulic oil may be excessively hot. Therefore, while your gearbox may need an overhaul to fix the issues, remember also to have your hydraulic and brake systems checked. It would also be best to add oil if you are running low but remember to check the issue behind the low oil levels and have it fixed first.

Missing Cover Plate

You will also need to repair or replace your final drive if you notice that the cover plate is dislodged or missing from the housing. Generally, cover plates are designed to stay firmly in place and can only be dislodged or moved by excessive pressure. In most cases, such pressure damages crucial components in your final drive, like the bearings and piston shoes. To avoid such catastrophic effects to your final drive, plan for routine maintenance and check-up of your final drive and other components like the case drain filter.

Unusual Noises and Vibrations

Excessive vibrations and noises are other signs to watch out for. Excavators, like all other heavy equipment, can be pretty noisy when being operated. However, excessive and unusual sounds and vibrations are often a red flag. Insufficient gearbox oil, worn-out gears or bearings, and loose sprockets are often the primary culprits here.

If you're noticing these signs, contact an earthmoving equipment repair company as soon as possible.