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Have you ever stopped to consider just how many different businesses there are in your local town or city? If you take the time to look, you will notice that there are businesses of every kind, from little businesses which serve a few local customers to medium-sized companies which cater to the tourist and large multinationals who are trading on a global scale. However, the one thing each of these businesses will have in common is the fact that they are managed by someone who has a creative spark and a business brain. I'm not a businesswoman, but I have spent the last 7 months visiting various companies in my city so I could understand what made them successful and what made them fail. I have learnt from the best, so I hope you like my blog.



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4 Reasons to Build Your Jetty with Marine-Grade Composite Decking

If you're looking to start a boat hire business, you will need to obtain a licence from your local council before getting started. One of the areas that your local council will have to inspect before issuing a licence is the jetty or pontoon envelope. A jetty or pontoon envelope is the area designated to be used to moor boats or other water vessels when they are not being used to navigate the waterways. 

One of the crucial aspects to consider when designing your jetty is which type of decking to choose. There's a wide variety of marine decking options you can choose from. Marine-grade composite decking is among the most popular jetty decking options available to you. Want to know why? Just continue reading on below.

  1. It offers superior protection from water damage. One of the major concerns for boat owners is the potential water damage that could occur to vessels or structures because of being exposed to the marine environment. Jetties are constructed to project from the edges of the shoreline and extend into the water to ensure sufficient water depth for docking of boats. Composite decking offers excellent resistance to water because they are not porous like natural wood. In addition, they do not catch rust like most metals, which are also susceptible to corrosion when exposed to marine conditions. 
  2. It is available in a wide variety of attractive options. If you are looking to make a big design statement with your jetty, you will be blown away by the whole raft of decorative possibilities that can be achieved with marine-grade composite decking. This type of decking comes in a wide selection of colours, profiles and finishes so you can get a style that makes your jetty look really nice. Thanks to advances in manufacturing technologies, modern composite decking does not fade, meaning your decking will retain their original look throughout their useful life.
  3. It requires less maintenance. Jetty decking made of natural wood is great, but if you don't want to occasionally oil, stain or paint it, you're better off opting for composite decking instead. Composite decking eliminates the need to perform these maintenance tasks, but will require some level of care to keep looking pristine.
  4. It is relatively cheaper. Compared to real wood, composite is a lot cheaper to use as a decking material for jetties. This is primarily because composite is made of 100% natural material, as it comprises plastic and some wood chips or particles. 

For more information on jetty composite decking, consult a marine decking professional.